HOVERDIVE, an evening-length work of multimedia dance created by the Okeanos Collective, is inspired by the the complexity of our human relationship to the ocean. Prompted by the imminent threats of sea-level rise and climate change, HOVERDIVE contemplates the complexity, depth, and immensity of the ocean– and initiates a visceral dialogue with this vast, vibrant body. HOVERDIVE: Soundscore is a collection of the sonic compositions created for this work.

Inspired by both underwater field recordings (generously provided by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) and the role of bioluminescence as a kind of underwater telegraphy, composer Amber Vistein, reimagined the ocean as a site of complex interactions and highly codified systems of communication similar to a royal court. This lead her to incorporate rhythmic models from Baroque court dances while melding the haunting sounds of the field recordings with a rich pallet of orchestral instruments. The result is a hybrid acoustic geography including an elegant underwater Sarabande and an energetic, aquatic Courante.HOVERDIVE premiered in Boston, Massachusetts on November 14, 2014.

HoverDive Soundscore is available on Bandcamp: okeanoscollective.bandcamp.com/releases
Further information can be found at: okeanoscollective.com/about/

released 24 November 2014
The composer would like to thank Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution for permission to use field recordings from their sound archives.
And thank you to Ben Aron: for everything, as always.