Ice Eye

Ice Eye is a collaboration with video artist and photographer Fabiola Menchelli. The even, constantly turning circle of undulating blue and white hues recalls a view of the polar ice caps as seen from space and the slow rotation of the earth. The Arctic exists for most people as a great unknown, one slowly melting. Global warming and its entwined effect, glacial melting, threaten to destroy the land and way of life with which we are all so
familiar through the incomprehensible action of an unfamiliar force. We formulated this image, half sky, half ice, with rhythmically moving waves and a moment of “melting” to address these issues in an abstracted sense. The sound design attempts to think through an ‘ice world’ in a formal sense– emphasizing the high frequencies in imitation of the reflective capacity of ice and maintains a constant sense of rhythmically flowing waves.

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