‘This piece is a collaboration with video artist and photographer Fabiola Menchelli. The concept for the audio piece was to take the piano as a reference instrument and C as a reference note and construct everything using only the note C. Using a grand piano, I was able to use a lot of extended techniques, mess with the strings, and create harmonics– but only use the C keys. The idea was to represent the complexity of even a single note– <!–more–>there are so many elements working in combination which we synthesize every time we hear even the simplest sound. I had several mics in the environment– primarily stereo mics that give an \’image\’ of the stereo field and binaural mics that you actually wear on your ears to micmic how the ear hears. The piece itself is divided into \’movements\’ following the color scheme changes. Red is introductory and more complex, yellow focuses on high sweeping harmonics and percussive clicks, green is all about slides on the piano strings, blue is about the doppler effect created by the stereo mics and picking the piano strings, and violet is about high pure harmonics.’

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